The SA-API disabled by default in versions in which it is present (1.4 and later). If you want to use the SA-API, you must enable it as described in the following steps:


  1. Type the following command to create a user using LOCAL_USER authorization scheme that you subsequently use to authenticate to the VLA appliance's SA Server web user interface. You are prompted and required to enter the password twice.
    vla_user -S LOCAL_USER -a sa-server -u <vla-service-user-name>
    where <vla-service-user-name> is the name of the user you wish to create for the SA Server.
  2. Add LaMa to the credentials store using the vla_credentials script as follows:
    vla_credentials -a -s lvm -n -u Administrator -P http:50000
    where you have substituted example values with real ones