Note: The script vla_adapter is outdated. SAP Notes contain detailed information on how to deploy/undeploy applications to/from SAP NetWeaver Application Server.
Use the vla_adapter command to install / uninstall the VMware LaMa adapter or create an installation archive. When you install / uninstall the adapter, the vla_adapter command prompts you for the LaMa administrator user password. You should enable the SSH and have root access to the vla-service to use the vla_adapter command.
# vla_adapter [-a|-d] -f LAMA_HOST -u SSH_USER -x LAMA_ADMIN_USERNAME
 -a flag for installation
 -d flag for uninstallation
Note: When you uninstall the VMware LaMa adapter, you notice that the VMware LaMa adapter does not appear in the list under Provisioning -> Virtualization Adapters in your browser. However, you observe that the VMware LaMa adapter configuration still shows up in the list under infrastructure -> Virtualization Managers in your browser. This is a normal behavior of SAP LaMa.