1. On huge infrastructure during execution of mass operation, LaMa may hang
  2. During a SAP system cloning operation, the LaMa UI does not allow specifying hostname and IP address for additional physical interfaces as per the selected customization specification. The number of additional physical interfaces for which hostname and IP address can be set is limited to one network adapter. Using the customization specification with three or more network adapters results in an execution error.
    • Figure 1. Virtual Host Names and Networks

      Solution — There is no solution available at this time
  3. Provisioning from virtual host template fails either at the Waiting for host step or at the Adding resources step due to LaMa exception.
    • Solution — There is no solution available at this time.
      Figure 2. Failure - Provisioning from Virtual Host Template

  4. After system cloning operation, validation errors may appear for a cloned SAP system — Error HNMissmatch may be detected for a SAP host during validation.
    • Figure 3. Error - HNMissmatch

      Solution — This issue mainly appears if the DHCP customization specification is used during the provisioning operation. The reason is that the vCenter Server adds a new record into the /etc/hosts file during the post clone virtual machine customization process. In case the primary interface does not have an IP address yet (since the primary interface will obtain IP address only when the network services get started), the next interface which has an IP address will be used for this record. This results in a wrong mapping of a physical hostname and an IP address in the /etc/hosts file. The LaMa detects this dissonance and warns the user.
  5. Error CloneHnChn may be detected for a SAP sub-system during validation.
    • Figure 4. Error - CloneHnChn

      Solution — SAP Note 1366742
  6. Occasionally the SAP system cloning fails at the Prepare VM clone step. This is seen if the SAP system has several network interfaces and the Auto IP Address option is set for these additional network interfaces in the Host names dialog.
    • Figure 5. Prepare VM Clone Failure

      Solution — There is no solution available at this time. The issue is caused by incorrect dialog context that is provided by the LaMa.
  7. VLVMA adapter cannot be added with the Trusted server option enabled because of File Not Found and Permission denied faults.
    • Solution — Make sure that the cacerts file in the directory /usr/sap/<LVM instance ID>/J00/exe/sapjvm_6/jre/lib/security/ has proper access rights (permissions).
  8. After cloning a SAP JAVA system the status of AS instance of the cloned system is changed to the Error state.
    • Figure 6. SAP JAVA system cloning error state

      Solution — This issue is caused due to a missing license. HW key of the cloned system does'nt match with the installed license. In a SAP JAVA system, the instance is shut down after 30 minutes if the license is missing. In a SAP ABAP system, the instance keeps running if a license is missing but only the user sap* can login. All the other users are locked. In addition, the system copy/clone functionality will not be present.
  9. If a clone or copy operation did not complete successfully, the virtual machine will be deleted from the vCenter Server during the Destroy operation.
    • Solution — You need to delete the virtual machine in vCenter Server manually.
  10. Offline linked copy of SAP HANA on SLES fails on step Stop
    • Figure 7. SAP HANA on SLES failure on Stop Operation

      Step Error — Database is in Use
      Figure 8. Error - Database is in Use

      Solution — Close hdbstudio on the source machine.