About this task

On SLES based systems you can use the biosdevname program that inturn uses information from the system's BIOS to enable Consistent Network Device Naming on the target system as is on the source system. Execute the following steps to enable Consistent Network Device Naming on the source operating system.


  1. SSH to the source system as root.
    Figure 1. SSH as root

  2. Install the biosdevname utility. You can use any available package manager. The following figure depicts installing biosdevname using rpm:
    Figure 2. Install biosdevname

  3. Verify your biosdevname installation done in the previous step and also list out information about the current system network adapters.
    Figure 3. List all available network adapter information

  4. Remove the 70-persistent-net-rules file from the /etc/udev/rules.d directory, if it already in there.
  5. Reboot the operating system as depicted in the following figure:
    Figure 4. Reboot the OS


After rebooting the operating system all the current network interfaces on the system will be renamed according to the Consistent Network Device Naming scheme.