Key Features

VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management dramatically simplifies and automates the life-cycle management of SAP landscapes on VMware virtualized infrastructure:

  • Provisioning — System Cloning, Copying and System Refresh

    • Automate key SAP Basis provisioning tasks such as system cloning, copying, and system refresh directly in VMware vCenter Server with SAP Landscape Management

    • Leverage SA-API to provision SAP systems from templates in vRealize Automation

  • Operations — SAP Hosts, Storage, and Network Migration

    • Migrate VM, switch its data set and network to stand up SAP hosts, move environments, and deploy disaster recovery solutions - all through the SAP Landscape Management interface

  • Delivery — Self-Service Through vRealize Automation

    • Enable end users to self-provision SAP Landscapes in vRealize Automation through blueprints created by SA-API

Key Benefits

Following are the key benefits of deploying VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management:

  • Greater operational continuity through centralized management, visibility and control of your entire SAP landscape using a single console

  • Increased operational agility by accelerating application life-cycle management operations and faster response to workload fluctuations

  • Reduced time, effort and cost to manage and operate your SAP systems through automation of SAP BASIS tasks and leveraging adapter's functions such as VMware vSphere Storage vMotion, network migration and linked online clone and copy

  • Increases SAP BASIS and IT admin productivity by automating manual operational tasks and enabling self-service capability

  • Lowers total cost of ownership since reduced OpEx leads to increased cost savings