If you did not configure HTTPS proxy settings for the VMware Identity Manager Connector component during installation, you can configure them later by editing the C:\INSTALL_DIR\opt\vmware\horizon\workspace\conf\wrapper.conf file.


  1. Log in to the Windows server.
  2. Open the following file in a text editor:


  3. Add the following entries after the last wrapper.java.additional entry:

    where proxyServer is the HTTPS proxy server, proxyServerPort is the HTTPS proxy server port, and the number corresponds to the number of the wrapper.java.additional entry. For example, if the file already has 31 wrapper.java.additional entries, use 32 and 33 for the new entries as shown in the example.

  4. If you are running the IDM Connector service as a domain user, also add the following lines:

    For example:

  5. From the command line, run the following commands as administrator:
    1. C:\INSTALL_DIR\usr\local\horizon\scripts\horizonService.bat reinstall

      The command should return the following output:

      Derived instance name: workspace
      Reinstalling instance at
      wrapper | Service is running. Stopping it...
      wrapper | Waiting to stop...
      wrapper | VMware IDM Connector stopped.
      wrapper | VMware IDM Connector removed.
      wrapper | VMware IDM Connector installed.

    2. C:\VMware\IDMConnector\usr\local\horizon\scripts\horizonService.bat start

      The command should return the following output:

      Derived instance name: workspace
      Starting instance at C:\VMware\IDMConnector\opt\vmware\horizon\workspace
      wrapper | Starting the VMware IDM Connector service...
      wrapper | VMware IDM Connector started.