You might find it necessary to regenerate the certificates used for AirWatch and AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC) servers, for example, if they expire or if your organization requires it on a regularly scheduled basis. The process is simple and is performed from the AirWatch Console, however it does require you to download and run the ACC installer again.

About this task

The certificates contain a thumbprint and expiration date. Both can be cleared and regenerated at the same time by selecting the Regenerate Certificates button and following the prompts. If you regenerate certificates, ACC will no longer be able to communicate with AirWatch and you will need to perform the installation procedure again to allow both server to recognize the new certificates.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Cloud Connector. Both certificates, their thumbprints, and expiration dates are shown on the Advanced tab.
  2. Select Regenerate Certificates to generate a new certificate for the ACC and AirWatch servers.
  3. If required, enter your security PIN to confirm the action and acknowledge the warning message. Old certificates are deleted and new certificates, thumbprints, and expiration dates are regenerated.
    Figure 1.


When you enter your PIN to confirm, the ACC no longer can communicate with the AirWatch server. To restore communications between ACC and the AirWatch server, return to Installing ACC and complete all the steps again. This allows both servers to recognize the latest certificate and regain communications.