Before you install Enterprise Systems Connector, you must first enable it, generate certificates, and select the enterprise services and AirWatch services to be integrated. After completing this step, you can install Enterprise Systems Connector.

About this task


Perform the following steps on the server that will run Enterprise Systems Connector. Do not download the installer onto another computer and copy it to the Enterprise Systems Connector server.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Cloud Connector.
  2. Configure the following settings on the General tab.



    Enable Cloud Connector

    Select this checkbox to enable Enterprise Systems Connector and display the General tab.

    Enable Auto Update

    Select to enable Enterprise Systems Connector to automatically update when a newer version is available. For more information regarding auto-update, refer to VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Auto-Update Option.

  3. Configure the following settings on the Advanced tab.



    Generate Certificates

    Select this button to generate a certificate for the Enterprise Systems Connector and AirWatch server. Certificates are generated for both and displayed under VMware Enterprise Systems Connector and AirWatch certificates.

    Once certificates are generated, the button changes to Regenerate Certificates. For more information about regenerating certificates, see Regenerate Certificates.

    Communication with AWCM

    Select how the Enterprise Systems Connector communicates with AWCM under Communication with AWCM.

    • Use External AWCM URL – This is the default option that will apply to most deployments.

    • Use Internal AWCM URL – Use this option if your security settings restrict your Enterprise Systems Connector server from resolving the External AWCM URL. For example, if Enterprise Systems Connector is on your internal network and your AWCM server is in a DMZ.

    Select the Enabled or Disabled buttons to enable or disable Enterprise Services. The services you select (enabled) will integrate with Enterprise Systems Connector.

    • SMTP (Email Relay)

      AirWatch SaaS offers email delivery through its own SMTP, but you can enable Enterprise Systems Connector to use another SMTP server here. Enter SMTP servers settings for email in Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Email (SMTP).

    • Directory Services (LDAP/AD)

    • Exchange PowerShell (for certain Secure Email Gateways)

    • BES (BlackBerry sync user and mobile device information)

    • Syslog (Client/server protocol used to integrate with the AirWatch event log data)

    Enterprise Services

    The following components are only available if you purchased the PKI Integration add-on, which is available separately.

    • Microsoft Certificate Services (PKI)

    • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP PKI)

    • OpenTrust CMS Mobile (third-party certificate services)

    • Entrust PKI (third-party certificate services)

    • Symantec MPKI (third-party certificate services)

      Since there is no need to go through Enterprise Systems Connector for cloud certificate services, if you want to integrate with certificate services (like Symantec MPKI) by selecting one of the checkboxes in the screen below, the service you select must be on premises, not in the cloud (SaaS).

    AirWatch Services

    Select Enabled or Disabled to enable or disable AirWatch Services. The AirWatch components you select (enabled) will integrate with Enterprise Systems Connector. AirWatch recommends leaving all services enabled.

    • Device Services (Admin Console and all services required for it to operate, including related Windows services)

    • Device Management (Enrollment, App Catalog, and related Windows services)

    • Self-Service Portal (including related Windows services)

    • All Other Components (including related Windows services)


      (On-premises customers) If you have not already performed Enabling AWCM to Communicate with VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, then you can select Download AWCM Secure Channel Installer to be redirected to the download page.


      (SaaS customers) You do not need to download the Secure Channel Certificate installer.

  4. Select Save to keep all these settings.
  5. Navigate back to the General tab and select Download Cloud Connector Installer.

    A Download Cloud Connector Installer page displays.

  6. Enter a password for the Enterprise Systems Connector certificate in the fields. The password will be needed later when you run the Enterprise Systems Connector installer and need to enter the certificate password.
  7. Select Download and save the .exe file on the Enterprise Systems Connector server for use later.