AirWatch does not recommend performing a manual ACC update, but this method is available as an option if it better suits the needs of your environment. For more information on the alternative, see ACC Auto-Update.


  1. Ensure auto-update is turned off in the AirWatch Console. This will save the latest ACC .zip files onto your ACC server when the console is upgraded and create entries in your ACC log file informing you that ACC needs to be upgraded.
  2. Stop the AirWatch Cloud Connector service.
  3. Perform one of the following approaches.
    1. The first approach is to manually unzip the ACC .zip files into the Bank folder mentioned in the log file. Either overwrite the existing files in this folder or delete all the files. On restarting the Cloud Connector service, the ACC version will get upgraded.
    2. The second approach is to use either of the Bank folders. In this case, leave either the .config or .config.old file available in the other Bank folder so the stock .config file can be repaired to customized values. Unzip the files and restart the Cloud Connector service, which will run with the newly upgraded version.