You can create one or more virtual apps collections for each type of integration such as Horizon Cloud or Citrix published resources.


  • All instances of the VMware Identity Manager service must be version 3.1 or later.

  • All connectors used for resources sync must be version 2017.12.1.0 or later.


  1. In the administration console, select the Catalog > Virtual Apps Collection tab.
  2. Click Add Virtual Apps on the top right of the page and select the type of integration, for example, Citrix Published Application.

    add profile

  3. Enter the configuration information.

    The following fields are common to all types of integrations.




    Enter a unique name for the collection.

    Sync Connectors

    Select the connector that you want to use to sync the resources in the collection. If you have set up a cluster of connectors for high availability, click Add Connector and select the other connectors in the cluster in failover order.

    Sync Frequency

    Select how frequently you want to sync the resources in the collection. If you do not want to set up an automatic sync schedule, select Manually.

    Activation Policy

    Select how the resources are made available to users in Workspace ONE.

    With both the User Activated and Automatic options, the resources are added to the Catalog page. Users can use the resources from the Catalog page or move them to the Bookmarks page. However, to set up an approval flow for any of the apps, you must select User Activated for that app.

    The activation policy that you select here applies to all user entitlements for all the resources in the collection. You can modify the activation policy for individual users or groups per resource, from the application or desktop's Entitlements page.

    Setting the activation policy for the collection to User Activated is recommended if you intend to set up an approval flow.

  4. In the remaining fields, enter the configuration information for the integration, which is different for each type of integration.
  5. Click Save.

    The collection is created. You can view and edit the collection from the Virtual Apps Collections page.

What to do next

The resources in the new collection are not synced yet. If you have set a sync schedule for the collection, the resources will be synced at the next scheduled time. To sync the resources manually, click the Sync button next to the collection in the Virtual Apps Collection page.