VMware Identity Manager supports Citrix deployments that include NetScaler. A NetScaler appliance is typically used to provide external access to XenApp or XenDesktop applications or desktops.

If your Citrix deployment includes a NetScaler appliance, you can configure VMware Identity Manager with the appropriate settings so that when users launch Citrix resources, the traffic is routed through NetScaler to the XenApp server.

In VMware Identity Manager, you need to specify the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) server for each XenApp farm. The STA server is used to generate and validate STA tickets during the application launch process.

You can also set policies on client network IP ranges that specify whether launch traffic is routed through NetScaler to the XenApp server or whether it is routed directly to the XenApp server. This allows you to meet both external and internal access needs.


To use the NetScaler feature, you must use Integration Broker 2.4 or later. You can download Integration Broker from My VMware. Upgrade is not supported. Uninstall the older version, then install the new version.