You can integrate Horizon desktops and applications, Horizon Cloud desktops and applications, Citrix published resources, and ThinApp packages with the VMware Identity Manager service. Beginning with the 3.1 release, these resources are managed through virtual apps collections.

A virtual apps collection contains the configuration information for an integration, including the type of resource, the servers from which to sync resources, the connector to use for sync, and the sync schedule.

You can create a single virtual apps collection or multiple collections for any type of resource except ThinApp packages for which you can only create a single collection. For example, to integrate a deployment of 50 Citrix XenApp farms, you can set up 10 virtual apps collections in VMware Identity Manager, with 5 farms in each collection. This allows for easier management of the configuration as well as faster sync as each collection is synced separately.

You can also use different connectors for each collection to distribute the sync load.

The Virtual Apps Collection page in the administration console, accessed by selecting Catalog > Virtual Apps Collection, provides a central location for managing all your resources integrations. You can create and edit collections, monitor the sync status of all collections, view alerts, and sync manually from this page.

resource sync profiles page

Benefits of Using Virtual Apps Collections

Benefits of using the virtual apps collection feature include the following:

  • A central location from which to manage all resource integrations

    • Manage all types of resources

    • Manage the configuration and sync settings for each collection

    • Monitor the sync status of all collections

  • Ability to sync smaller sets of data by setting up multiple collections for a large resource integration. For example, you can create separate collections for each Horizon pod or each XenApp farm.

  • Ability to set up separate collections for different domains. Multiple domains do not need a trust relationship if you use separate collections for each domain.

Requirements for Virtual Apps Collections

The virtual apps collection feature has the following requirements:

  • All instances of the VMware Identity Manager service must be version 3.1 or later

  • All connectors used to sync resources must be version 2017.12.1.0 or later.

Migrating from Earlier Releases

The Virtual Apps Collection feature is new in VMware Identity Manager 3.1.

With virtual apps collections, resource configurations are stored in the VMware Identity Manager service instead of the connector. They are managed from the Catalog > Virtual Apps Collection page instead of the Catalog > Manage Desktop Applications > ResourceType pages.

In new 3.1 installations, the Virtual Apps Collection page is automatically enabled. To integrate Horizon, Horizon Cloud, Citrix, or ThinApp resources, create one or more collections.

For upgrade from earlier releases, a migration path is available for maintaining your existing resource integrations. See Migrating Existing Configurations to Virtual Apps Collection for information.