After you install and configure VMware Identity Manager, to provide users access to supported resources you must enable the resources in the VMware Identity Manager administration console. Except for Web applications, each resource type requires you to integrate VMware Identity Manager with another product or component.

You can integrate the following types of resources with VMware Identity Manager:

  • Web applications

  • VMware Horizon® Cloud Service® applications and desktops

  • Horizon 7, Horizon 6, and View desktop and application pools

  • Citrix-published resources

You integrate these resources from the Catalog tab in the administration console.

To integrate Web applications, you use the Add Application menu in the Catalog tab.

Add Applications

To integrate and enable Horizon 7, Horizon 6, or View desktop and application pools, VMware Horizon Cloud Service desktops and applications, or Citrix-published resources, you use the Manage Desktop Applications menu in the Catalog tab.

Manage Resources

You can manage global settings for integrated resources from the Catalog > Settings page. You can manage settings for individual applications by selecting the application in the Catalog tab.