The Active Directory / LDAP authentication with VMware Enterprise Systems Connector provides the same functionality as traditional AD/LDAP authentication. This model functions across the cloud for Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments.


  • End users authenticate with existing corporate credentials.
  • Requires no firewall changes, as communication is initiated from the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector within your network.
  • Transmission of credentials is encrypted and secure.
  • Offers secure configuration to other infrastructure such as BES, Microsoft ADCS, SCEP, and SMTP servers.


  • Requires VMware Enterprise Systems Connector to be installed behind the firewall or in a DMZ.
  • Requires extra configuration.

SaaS Deployment model

AW SaaS Flow 01a

On-premises Deployment model


For information about how to integrate your AirWatch environment with these infrastructures, see VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Guide, available at