Android for Work is built into the operating system with no need for an additional application when running on Android 5.0+ Lollipop devices. The user interface may differ depending on enrollment of the device.

Android for Work offers two modes depending on the ownership of the device being used within your organization. The Work Profile(also referred to as the Profile Owner) creates a dedicated space on the device for only work applications and data. The Work Profile does not allow AirWatch to control the entire device. For devices that are being deployed to end users as corporate owned, Work Managed Device mode allows AirWatch and IT admin to control the entire device.

Work Profile Mode Functionality

Work Profile mode apps are differentiated by an red briefcase icon, referred to as badged apps, and are shown in a unified launcher with the user's personal apps. For example, your device will show both a personal icon for Google Chrome and a separate icon for Work Chrome denoted by the badge. From an end user perspective, it looks like two different applications, but the app is only installed once with business data stored separately from personal data.

All Android for Work apps will display in the homescreen and the launcher as a badged app so as to not interfere with the user's personal apps or information.

The AirWatch Agent is badged and exists only within the Work Profile data space. There is no control over personal apps nor will the Agent have access to personal information.

There are a handful of system apps that come with the Work Profile by default such as Work Chrome, Google Play, Google settings, Contacts and Camera – these can be hidden using a restrictions profile.

main home screen launcher

Certain settings will also show the separation between personal and work configurations. Users will see separate configurations for the following settings:

  • Credentials – View corporate certificates for user authentication to managed devices.
  • Accounts – View the Managed Google Account tied to the Work Profile.
  • Applications – Lists all applications installed on the device.
  • Security – Shows device encryption status.
AFW_credentials accounts   security

Work Managed Device Mode Functionality

When devices are enrolled in Work Managed Device mode, a true corporate ownership mode is created. AirWatch controls the entire device and there is no separation of work and personal data.

Important things to note for the Work Managed mode are:

  • The homescreen will not show badged app like Work Profile mode.
  • Users will only have access to a number of pre-loaded apps upon activation of the device. Additional applications can only be approved and added through the AirWatch Console.

  • The AirWatch Agent is set as the device administrator in the security settings and cannot be disabled.