Android for Work profiles ensure proper use of devices and protection of sensitive data. Profiles serve many different purposes, from letting you enforce corporate rules and procedures to tailoring and preparing Android for Work capable devices for how they are used.

Android for Work makes both profile-based and whole device management profiles available to integrate with AirWatch when running on an Android for Work device. Android for Work does not use OEM-specific APIs, so all devices can take advantage of the same features. Devices can still use OEM-specific APIs but that functionality does not work with Android for Work.

Work Profile vs. Work Managed Device Mode

A Work Profile is a special type of administrator. The user already has a personal device with their own account, and AirWatch manages the Work Profile. AirWatch enrollment will add a Work Profile and install the AirWatch Agent inside the Work Profile as the profile owner for that user.

The Work Managed device applies to devices that start in the unprovisioned state, and enrollment installs the AirWatch Agent the Work Managed device. The AirWatch Agent will have full control of the entire device. Some profiles will display the following tags: Work Profile and Work Managed Device. Most profiles, unless noted otherwise, will apply towards the Work Profile.

Profiles configured for the Work Profile only apply to the Android for Work badged apps and not affect the users personal apps or settings unless you configure profiles at the device level. For example, certain restrictions disable access to YouTube, Google Play, etc. These will only affect the Android for Work badged apps and not the regular Play Store versions. Alternatively, profiles configured for Work Managed Device mode type will apply to the entire device. Each profile discussed in this section will indicate which device type the profile will affect.


New and Updated

Passcode - Implement Work Security Challenge passcode with applies to the work apps on the device without requiring a complex device passcode. See Configure Passcode Profile (Android for Work ).

Permissions - Grant, deny or prompt user accept permissions for work apps. See Configure Permissions Profile (Android for Work ).

Device Access

Some device profiles configure the settings for accessing an Android device. Use these profiles to ensure that access to a device is limited only to authorized users.

Some examples of device access profiles include:

Device Security

Ensure that your Android devices remain secure through device profiles. These profiles configure the native Android security features or configure corporate security settings on a device through AirWatch.

Device Configuration

Configure the various settings of your Android devices with the configuration profiles. These profiles configure the device settings to meet your business needs.