Each Android for Work device in your organization's deployment must be enrolled before it can communicate with AirWatch and access internal content and features.

Enrollment Basics

The AirWatch Agent provides a single resource to enroll a device as well as provide device and connection details. Additionally, Agent-based enrollment allows you to:

  • Authenticate users using basic or directory services, such as AD/LDAP/Domino, SAML, tokens or proxies.
  • Register devices in bulk or allow users to self-register.
  • Define approved OS versions, models and maximum number of devices per user.

Android for Work has two enrollment options: Work Managed Device enrollment and Work Profile enrollment with additional enrollment options for each mode.

Device Protection

Android 5.1 devices have a feature called Device Protection which requires Google credentials to be entered before and after a device can be reset. When a device is ready to be enrolled as a Work Managed device for Android for Work, the device must be factory reset. This feature impacts Android for Work enrollment. For more information, see Device Protection for Android Devices.

Autodiscovery Enrollment

AirWatch makes the enrollment process simple, using an autodiscovery system to enroll devices to environments and

organization groups (OG) using user email addresses. For more information, see Autodiscovery Enrollment.

Work Managed Device Enrollment

Work Managed Device mode, also referred to as Device Owner, gives AirWatch control of the entire device. This mode is ideal for corporate owned device

configurations that require a parent staging process. For more information, see Work Managed Device Enrollment.

Work Profile Enrollment

Work Profile enrollment, also known as Profile Owner, is facilitated with the AirWatch Agent which secures a connection between the Android for Work device and the AirWatch Console. For more information, see Enrolling Android for Work Device into Work Profile.