The Telecom Data report provides information about data usage, call usage, SIM card details and roaming status of devices. The acquired data is required to understand the billing details and device usage details.

To access a telecom report:

  1. Navigate to Hub > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View.
  2. Select the Category drop-down at the top of the screen to filter the Reports List view. Select Telecom and the following Telecom reports are displayed:
    • Call Log Verbose History
    • Call Usage
    • Data Usage
    • Device Roaming
    • Device Roaming Detail
    • Device Roaming Summary
    • SIM Card Change
    • SIM Daily WWAN Data Usage
    • SIM Inactive Detail
    • SIM Inactive Summary
    • SIM Summary
    • SIM Usage Detail
    • SMS Log History
    • SMS Usage
    • Telecom Daily Usage
    • Telecom Monthly Usage
    • WLAN Data
    • WWAN Data
  3. Select the View_Telecom_Plan_Icon icon to launch the report configuration view.
  4. Select the specific criteria for your report and select Download. Report configuration criteria is dependent upon the type of report being generated.