The VMware Tunnel application for Android lets end users access internal corporate Web resources and sites through managed public and internal applications.


  • Android Agent v5.3+
  • Android 4.4+
  • Ensure you are on the latest AirWatch version for optimal functionality.

If you are using Per-App Tunnel with Android devices in cascade mode, then ensure that your internal DNS is exposed to the VMware Tunnel front-end server in the DMZ.

For basic endpoint setups, ensure that your internal DNS is exposed to the VMware Tunnel server in the DMZ.

For more information, see the knowledge base article, Configure Per-App Tunnel DNS entries for Android and Windows 10 devices (

Using the App

Your end users must download and install the VMware Tunnel application from the Play Store. After installing it, end users have to run it at least once and accept the connection request.

The VMware Tunnel displays as Connected whenever an end user opens a managed app that you configured to use the App Tunnel profile or a domain that you set to connect automatically.


The key icon in the notification center displays on the device because there is an application installed that uses the Per App VPN functionality. This icon does not indicate an active connection or session with the VMware Tunnel server. The key icon displays even if you are not actively browsing.

Certain Android devices allow end users to disable the VPN on an OS level. This prevents the VMware Tunnel from working on the device. For information on how to correct the issue, see