The VMware Tunnel application for Windows 10 lets end users access internal corporate Web resources and sites through configured applications.


The VMware Tunnel App for Windows 10 does not support VMware Browser for Windows.


  • Windows 10 Build 14393+
  • AirWatch v8.4.8+

Using the App

Your end users must download and install the VMware Tunnel application from the Windows Store. End users must accept an alert dialog the first time they launch an app that triggers the VMware Tunnel app.

When using Windows 10 devices, ensure that your DNS server does not use 192.168.x.x IP as this address is used by the VMware Tunnel Server to assign the IPs to clients (mobile devices). This setting is a configurable setting in server.conf.

The VMware Tunnel displays as Connected whenever an end user opens a managed app that you configured to use the App Tunnel profile.