Notifications are a communication tool designed to keep you informed about console events that may be impactful to your operation. The Notifications button is located next to the Global Search button.


There are many different kinds of notifications.

  • APNs Expiration and APNs Expired – You are notified 30 days before APNs for MDM certificates expire, which is a Critical Priority alert. After the APNs certificate expires, the Critical Priority alert is reduced to a High Priority alert. This notification helps you avoid the hassles involved with expired certificates and keeps your devices in contact with AirWatch.
  • App Removal Protection – This High Priority alert displays when the Application Removal threshold is crossed. You can act by selecting the Review App Removal link on the Notifications pop-up. For more information, see App Removal Protection Overview.
  • List View Export – This notification appears when the Device or User list view export you requested has been completed and is ready for examination. This notification is an Info Priority level.
  • User Group Merge Pending – This notification lets you know that the user group merge process is pending and in need of admin approval. Such notification happens in two scenarios:
    • You have the Auto Merge Changes setting disabled on your Directory-based User Group, which means all changes need approval.
    • You have the Auto Merge Changes enabled and the number of changes exceed the Maximum Allowable Changes threshold. The portion of changes above the threshold need admin approval. For more information about enabling Auto Merge Changes for user groups, see the Custom Settings section in Add User Groups With Directory Integration.
  • VPP App Auto Update – High priority alerts that notify you when an app installed with Apple Volume Purchase Program has an updated version you can install. For more information about the Apple Volume Purchase Program, see Purchased Applications (Apple VPP) Feature Overview.


For information about Device Lifecycle Notifications, see Lifecycle Notifications.