The Remote Management Client does not communicate with the Remote Management Service unless instructed by the MDM agent. The agent states communication in response to an AWCM command sent by the AirWatch Console when Remote Management is launched.


The client flows as follows.

  1. The admin starts a Remote Management session. This action starts a connection command through the AWCM to the AirWatch Agent.
  2. Both the Web applet on the admin's computer and the tunnel agent on the end-user device send WebSocket connection requests to the Remote Management Server. This connection is called the command channel.
  3. The RMS server validates the requests with Device Services.

    Once validated, the command channel remains connected to receive any data connection requests from the AirWatch Console. For every data connection request received through the command channel, the device requests a new WebSocket connection to the RMS server. This connection is called a data session or relay session.

  4. RMS validates the relay session and maps the connection to the original applet connection. RMS starts relaying data originating from either endpoints.

If no data channel requests arrive after 5 minutes, the command channel disconnects. This disconnection can result in the server closing all data sessions on the device.