You can scan a barcode you create to begin the auto-enrollment process for your Motorola rugged devices. The barcodes simplify staging devices into a quick scan of a barcode to configure the device using a created staging package.

You can also create universal barcode staging to stage devices with a generic barcode that does not automatically assign an organization group when enrolling the device. This allows you to create one staging enrollment for all devices and assign the device to an organization group as needed.

Barcode enrollment is only available on devices running the RD Client. The RD client only supports FTP and FTPS relay servers.

Barcode enrollment is only supported on the following devices:

  • Android
    • Zebra Rugged devices
  • Windows Rugged
    • MC45
    • MC55
    • MC65/67
    • MC75
    • MC3090
    • MC3190
    • MC9090
    • MC9190
    • MC92N0