Create basic user accounts in AirWatch for your end users if you are not integrating with a directory service. Basic user accounts are also useful for testing purposes: they can be created quickly and disposed of afterward. For more information, see Basic vs. Directory Services Enrollment.


  • Can be used for any deployment method.
  • Requires no technical integration.
  • Requires no enterprise infrastructure.


  • Credentials only exist in AirWatch and do not necessarily match existing corporate credentials.
  • Offers no federated security.
  • Single sign on not supported.
  • AirWatch stores all usernames and passwords.

Create Basic User Accounts

You can create basic user accounts for each user to authenticate and log in to the AirWatch system. You can then send basic users a notification with instructions on activating their account including a password reset link that expires in 24 hours. For more information, see Create Basic User Accounts.