Perform the following steps on the relay server:

  1. Create a dedicated install directory for the Content Gateway installer on the server (e.g. /tmp/ContentInstall/).
  2. Copy the .tar file to the dedicated install directory using a file transfer software.

    Examples of file transfer software include FileZilla or WinSCP.

  3. On the Linux box, navigate to the folder you copied the file to.

  4. Un-archive the tar file:
  5. $ tar -xvf ContentGateway.tar

  6. Open the un-zipped installation folder, locate ContentGateway.bin, and make it an executable:

      sudo chmod +x ContentGateway.bin

  7. Begin installation:

    $ sudo ./ContentGateway.bin
  8. Press Enter until you receive a prompt to accept the licensing agreement. Press Y to accept.
  9. Press Enter to select the Content Gateway on the Choose Install Set screen and continue.

  10. Verify your feature selection. Press Enter to continue.
  11. Enter the password you created when downloading the installer in the AirWatch Console.

  1. Enter Relay as the configuration type for Content Gateway Setup.

  1. Select the SSL Offloading setting that matches your configuration:
    • Enter Y if the SSL connection terminates prior to reaching this server.
    • Enter N if the SSL connection does not terminate prior to reaching this server.
  2. Verify the firewall ports match your server. Enter Y to grant the installer firewall permissions needed.
  3. Review the summary information and verify its accuracy.

  4. Press Enter to begin installation.

    Any errors display in the installer in an error message with details. Errors record in the installation log file, which saves in the same directory in which you installed the Content Gateway. For information on how to troubleshoot the errors, see Content Gateway Troubleshooting.

  5. Close the installer, and verify connectivity to AirWatch. For information on how to test the Content Gateway's connectivity, see Verify Content Gateway Connectivity.