Perform the following steps on the relay server:

  1. Open the installer executable on the Endpoint Content Gateway server and then select Next.

  2. Accept the End User License Agreement and then select Next.

  3. Specify the destination for the downloaded Content Gateway installation files and then select Next.

  1. Configure the Content Gateway Setup screen.

    • Relay – Select to first install Content Gateway on the Relay server.
    • Is this server SSL Offloaded? – Select if you configured the SSL connection to terminate prior to reaching this server.
  1. Enter the Certificate Password created when downloading the installer. Click Next.

  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the Target Site in IIS to install the AirWatch application in. Click Next.

  3. Verify the Windows Firewall settings allow the following ports.
    • Content Gateway ports
    • Default IIS website port
  4. Click Install to begin Content Gateway installation on the server.

  5. Click Finish to close the Content Gateway installer.
  6. Close the installer, and verify connectivity to AirWatch. For information on how to test the Content Gateway connectivity, see Verify Content Gateway Connectivity.