Document extensions enable end users to interact with Content Locker files from within third party applications. This functionality requires specific configurations within the AirWatch Console and special consideration for certain types of corporate file servers.

To ensure that document extension functionality appears on devices with VMware Content Locker (v3.1 and above), complete the required configurations in the AirWatch Console

Disable Application Whitelisting

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings and Policies > Security Policies.
  2. Set Limit Documents to Open Only in Approved Apps to No.
  3. Select Save.

Enable Open Into

Note: Open Into must be enable for the end users to utilize the Export functionality with Microsoft Office 365 apps.

  1. Navigate to Content > Repositories > Admin Repositories.
  2. Select the Edit icon next to the Corporate File Server that syncs to end user devices. Refer to Corporate File Server Support to review the level of document extension support available, by repository type.
  3. On the Security tab, select Allow Open In Third Party Apps, and then Save.

(Android Only) Enable Storage Access from Third-Party Apps

If you are using Android SDK Default settings:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings > Custom Settings.

  2. Select Enable Custom Settings, paste {"PolicyEnableFileProvider" : "true"}, and select Save.

If you are using a custom SDK profile for Content Locker:

  1. If you have an existing custom profile, navigate to Apps > Settings > Profiles > Custom Profile > Custom Settings Payload.
  2. If you want to add a custom profile, navigate to Apps > Settings > Profiles > Add Profile > SDK Profile > Android > Custom Settings > Custom Settings Payload .
  3. Paste {"PolicyEnableFileProvider" : "true"} and select Save. If you have multiple custom settings, append PolicyEnableFileProvider key after your existing custom key within { }. For example, { "CustomSetting Default" : "true”, "PolicyEnableFileProvider" : "true" }

(Android Only) Limitation of Storage Access from Third-Party Apps

  • Allow Open in 3rd party apps flag is considered to allow or deny access to third-party apps. 'Allow Email' permission flag is not considered for a file since it cannot be determined (based on application ID) whether the third-party app is an email app or not.
  • Support for Android framework to provide Content file and storage access from third-party apps is disabled by default to better manage app containers and the data shared between them.
  • Local Storage files are not accessible because Open In functionality for third-party apps is disabled by default.
  • When Content Locker authentication is enabled, you must have Content Locker unlocked to access it through a third party app (toast message is displayed).
  • If your admin have configured an app whitelist and the third party app is not whitelisted, you cannot open or create files through Content Locker
  • For AirWatch Managed content, all the content is available while browsing through a third-party app. For other repositories, content is available (for one level) only for those folders that are synced in Content Locker.