In addition to the default view in the console, there are several other screens that simplify content management. They display in a secondary navigation menu to the left of the Content Dashboard in the AirWatch Console.

Review the available menu options for Content Management.

Setting Description
List View

Toggle between the AirWatch Managed and Corporate File Server list view.


Select repositories to access repository configuration options. There are two types of repositories, admin added repositories and user added repositories. Users add repositories using the templates you configure in the console.


Add categories and subcategories. Added categories are displayed on screen in a list view with an action menu.

Featured Content

Manage the featured content you added from the List View or the Categories List View on this screen. Featured content is displayed prominently within the VMware Content Locker, providing easy access to high volume content. Use this screen to control the order in which featured content is displayed in the VMware Content Locker using drag and drop or deleting irrelevant content.

Batch Status

Perform a Batch Import and review the details of your uploaded batch from this screen.


Select to access content specific settings.