Use the Content Filter option to integrate your Forcepoint (Websense) content filtering service and the VMware Browser.

This integration requires configurations on different pages in the AirWatch Console.

  • Third-Party Proxies – Add information on the Third-Party Proxies page for your content filtering system so AirWatch can communicate with it. Configure your Forcepoint information in Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > Third Party Proxies .
  • Settings and Policies – Enable content filtering on the Settings and Policies page. This action enables AirWatch to filter traffic in the VMware Browser with the policies and rules set in your Forcepoint service.

Integration results in the system filtering the VMware Browser traffic with the settings in the content filtering system. If you use another app tunnel, AirWatch sends data that is not going through your content filtering service to the configured app tunnel.

For information on how to enable Content Filtering, see Configure Content Filtering.