Set an external resource that you store in a secure repository as an internal application that device users access through the Content Gateway for Windows.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Internal and select Add Application.

  2. Select Upload, select Link, and confirm access uses the Content Gateway.

  3. Enter the location of the internal application in your external app repository.

    You can use a server file path, network file share path, an HTTP address, or an HTTPS address. The string must include the name of the internal application and the file extension. An example of this location is http://<ExternalAppRepository>/<InternalAppFileName.FileExtension>.

  4. Select Continue and configure the remaining tabs.]
  5. Select Save & Assign to configure flexible deployment options for the application.

Assign the Application to Groups

To assign and deploy internal applications, configure the flexible deployment options explained in Add an Assignment to an Internal Application.