In rare circumstances, automatic enterprise wipe commands can be sent to unmanaged devices. Use the same wipe threshold settings as managed devices. Once that threshold is reached, the system notifies the email entered and puts a hold on all future enterprise wipe commands until an administrator specifies otherwise. You can only configure these settings at the Global or Customer level organization group.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Advanced > Unmanaged Device Wipe Protection .
  2. Configure the following settings.

    Setting Description
    Wiped Devices Enter the number of Wiped Devices that acts as your threshold for triggering wipe protection.
    Within (minutes) Enter the value for Within (minutes) which is the amount of time the wipes must occur in order to trigger wipe protection.

    Select a message template to email to administrators.

    Create a message template for wipe protection by navigating to Devices & Users > General > Message Templates. Then add a new template and select Device Lifecycle as the Category and Wipe Protection Notification as the Type. You can use the following lookup values as part of your message template.

    • {EnterpriseWipeInterval} – The value of Within (minutes) on the settings page.
    • {WipeLogConsolePage} – A link to the Wipe Log page.
    To Enter the email addresses of administrators who should receive this notification message. You should only notify administrators who have access to the Wipe Log page.
    Allow Enterprise Wipes Enable the enterprise wiping of unmanaged devices. The default setting is enabled.
  3. Select Save.