You can customize the AirWatch Agent settings in the AirWatch Console. For example, specify an SDK Profile to use with the AirWatch Agent to harness AirWatch functionality.

To configure the AirWatch Agent Settings:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Apple > Apple iOS > Agent Settings .
  2. Configure the following settings for the AirWatch Agent:
Setting Description
Disable Un-Enroll in Agent This setting disables the user's ability to unenroll from AirWatch MDM using the Agent. This setting is only available in the AirWatch Agent v4.9.2 and higher.
Background App Refresh

This setting tells the AirWatch Agent the maximum allowed time interval to refresh app content. Some applications run for a brief period before reaching a suspended state. Background App Refresh is a feature in iOS where the application itself wakes from this suspended state. During this refresh, the AirWatch Agent reports information, such as compromised detection, hardware details, GPS, iBeacon, and telecom, to the AirWatch Console. The frequency at which the Agent refreshes is controlled by the OS and only completed during efficient times, such as when the device is plugged into a power source, frequency of use, or connected to Wi-Fi.

To take advantage of the Background App Refresh feature, this setting must be enabled in the AirWatch Console, the AirWatch Agent cannot be killed on the device, and Background App Refresh must be enabled on the device for the AirWatch Agent under Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

Minimum Refresh Interval Select the minimum amount of time that must pass before the device attempts to refresh app content.
Transmit on Wi-Fi only Enable background refresh to occur over Wi-Fi connections only.
Collect Location Data This setting enables the AirWatch Agent to collect GPS data from devices. Whether or not data is actually collected depends on the privacy settings set in Devices > Device Settings > General > Privacy.
Detect iBeacon Region This setting enables the AirWatch agent to listen to iBeacon information in regions where the device is located.
Collect Cellular Data Usage This setting enables the AirWatch Agent to collect cellular data use from devices. Whether or not data is actually collected depends on the privacy settings set in Devices > Device Settings > General > Privacy.
Self Service Setting
Self Service Enabled

This setting allows users to view their user account status, device compliance status, and assigned compliance policies from within the AirWatch Agent. If enabled, users can see if their devices are compliant.

For more information about enabling users to sync their devices to check for compliance status, see the following AirWatch Knowledge Base article:

SDK Profile
SDK Profile This setting specifies the SDK profile you want to apply to the AirWatch Agent. SDK profiles can be used to enforce geofencing, create custom branding for the Agent and more.

Configuring AirWatch Agent using Settings and Policies

Customize the following extra configurations for the AirWatch Agent from the Settings and Policies page in the AirWatch Console for Single Sign On.