You must configure the Telecom Management settings that determines the types of data to collect and from whom to collect it, before creating and assigning telecom plans.

Configure the Agent Settings and telecom- specific Privacy Settings for both Apple iOS and Android platforms from the Telecom Management wizard.

To configure the settings:

  1. Navigate to Telecom > General.
  1. Select Configure. The Telecom Management wizard settings page appears. Select the type of data to be collected for each supported platform. 
    • Apple iOS – AirWatch uses the AirWatch Agent originally downloaded to the device for enrollment purposes to collect telecom data from iOS devices when telecom data collection is enabled. The agent runs in the background without the end-user interaction. You can only Collect Cellular Data Usage information from Apple iOS devices.
    • Android – AirWatch uses a Telecom Service App to collect telecom data from Android devices. This application is installed automatically upon device enrollment when telecom is enabled and runs in the background without the end-user interaction. The three types of telecom data collected from Android devices are Call Logs, SMS Logs, and Cellular Data Usage.

  1. Select Next. A Privacy settings page exclusive to telecom data appears.
    • Configure the privacy settings to specify exactly what data elements are collected and displayed within the AirWatch Console. The settings may take a few hours to take effect.
    • You can make selections by telecom data element, and also by device ownership. For example, you can collect and display Roaming status for Corporate-Dedicated and Corporate-Shared devices, but ignore it for Employee-Owned devices.

    • The following telecom privacy settings are configurable in the AirWatch Console:
      • Carrier/Country Code
      • Roaming Status
      • Cellular Data Usage
      • Call Usage
      • SMS Usage
    • Point your mouse over the applicable radio button to start a selection pop-up window.

    • Select the icon representing how to manage telecom data collection for the specific element and device ownership pairing:

      Configure_Privacy_CollectDisplayCollect And Display

      Configure_Privacy_CollectCollect Do Not Display

      Configure_Privacy_DoNotCollect Do Not Collect

  1. Select Next. The Summary page appears.
  1. Select Save and Close or the Save & View Plans button to save the settings.
    • The Save and View Plans button links the user to the Plans List page to create or assign plans to your devices.

    • The Save & Close button saves the settings and send you back to the Telecom Management Settings page.