The Secure Email Gateway (SEG) Setup Wizard starts automatically after you install SEG. The Setup Wizard helps you enable SEG server for AirWatch Services, a proxy email server for email server communications, and configure SEG for specific deployments. You can also use the setup wizard to enable SEG clustering.

After the installation, if the Secure Email Gateway Setup Wizard does not start automatically, double-click the SEG shortcut icon on the desktop to open the wizard.


The SEG setup wizard supports Internet Explorer 10 and later versions only.


  1. Specify the following information on the Setup page and click Next.
    • Enter the AirWatch Server Host name that contains the API. This is usually the AirWatch API Service URL.
    • Enter the SEG Admin Account Username and Password with the 'SOAP API General' role resource in AirWatch Console that can be accessed from Accounts > Administrators > Roles > Add Role > API > SOAP. Create your SEG Admin Account at that organization group or at a level above the organization group where you want to configure the SEG.
    • If you have a proxy server, then enable Proxy for AirWatch services communication.

        • Enter the URL of the outbound Proxy Host.
        • Enter the Proxy Port number.
        • Choose the type of Authentication.
          • Anonymous Authentication. Unknown users can login based on the rights created by the admin.
          • Basic Authentication. Enter the Username and Passwordto access.
    • If you have a proxy email server, then enable Proxy for email server communication.

      • Enter the URL of the proxy host server.
      • Enter the port of the proxy host server.
      • Select the type of authentication required to access this proxy server. Options include:
        • Anonymous Authentication. Unknown users can login based on the rights created by the admin.
        • Basic Authentication. Enter your username and password to access.
        • Windows Authentication. Enter windows credentials to access the server.
  1. Configure the SEG for your specific deployment. Enter the following information:
    • Enter the Group ID of the SEG's organization group in the Organization Group field.

    • Select the MEM configuration from the drop-down menu.
  1. Specify the following SEG Configuration settings and click Next. This information pre-populates with the setting that you have entered on the AirWatch Console.

    Settings Description
    Email Server

    Email Server Hostname

    Select the Email Server type, Exchange version, and enter the Email Server Hostname for the AirWatch SEG to communicate with your internal email servers.
    Proxy web mail traffic through gateway If you want to proxy webmail traffic in addition to EAS traffic through the SEG, select this check box.
    Use Recommended Settings Select this check box to capture all SEG traffic information from devices. Otherwise, specify the type of information and frequency at which the SEG can log for devices.
    Ignore SSL errors With Email Server

    Select this check box to ignore SSL errors created by certificates between the SEG and EAS server.

    Rules Refresh Interval (min) Enter the interval time, in minutes, for SEG to refresh rules.

    Transfer Rate to Gateway (transactions)


    Transfer Rate to Console (transactions)

    Set the transfer rate for the transactions happening between the SEG and the AirWatch Console.
    Friendly Name Enter a Friendly Name to help identify the SEG in the logs.
    Enable Real-time Compliance Sync Select this check box so that the AirWatch Console can send down compliance updates in a push-based mechanism instead of a periodically timed poll-based mechanism. This mechanism allows your compliance rule set to immediately update when actions occur instead at a specified rate.
    Gateway Hostname Specify the host name of the specific SEG Proxy server.
  2. Select Next in the Cluster Configuration screen.

    Cluster option

    If multiple SEG servers are load balanced, single policy broadcast messages apply to only one SEG. This includes the messages sent from the AirWatch Console to SEG upon enrollment, compliance violation, or correction. Use Delta Sync with a refresh interval of ten minutes to facilitate newly enrolled or compliant devices. These devices experience a waiting period of up to ten minutes before email begins to sync. Benefits of this approach include:

    • Updated policies from the same API source for all SEG servers
    • Smaller performance impact on API server
    • Reduced implementation or maintenance complexity compared to the SEG clustering model
    • Fewer failure points as each SEG is responsible for its own policy sets
    • Improved user experience

    SEG Clustering is also available to facilitate the sharing of single policy updates to all nodes of a SEG cluster.

    For more information on how to configure SEG clustering, see Classic Platform Clustering FAQs.

  3. Select Save in the SEG Service Settings screen the to automatically restart the Integration service. The SEG Service Settings screen is a summary page that displays information such as AirWatch Group, API Certificate, Certificate expiry date, and the log level. For troubleshooting purposes, select the Log level of the SEG Proxy server.
  4. SEG Install 17

    Any changes that were made to the SEG configuration are automatically updated in the Console settings after the Setup wizard completes.