Create a staging package to configure your devices to connect to Wi-Fi, download the AirWatch Agent, and enroll automatically. This method does not use the Rugged Enrollment wizard.

To create a staging configuration, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > List View > Add Staging.

  2. Select the Platform type you want to create a staging configuration for.

  3. Complete the required fields on the General tab.

    Settings Description
    Name Enter the name of the staging configuration.
    Description Enter the description of the staging configuration.
    Enrollment User Enter the username of the enrollment user.
    Password Enter the password for the enrollment user.
    Confirm Password Re-enter the password for the enrollment user.

    Select the AirWatch Agent to download during staging.

    These agents are uploaded as an Agent Package. See Upload the AirWatch Agent .APF File for more information.

  4. Select Save.