Update end users about changes to applications and books through custom notifications. You can send messages using email, SMS, or push notification.

Custom Notification Uses

Customize a message template to include application or book names, descriptions, images, and version information. Templates can also include links to your app and book catalogs, and they can prompt end users to download content from the notification.

AirWatch sends this message when you use the Notify Devices option on the actions menu or from the manage devices feature.

Configure Custom Notifications

Use a message template to create a custom notification message.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > General > Message Templates .
  2. Select Add, complete the required information, and save the settings.

    Setting Description

    Enter the name of the new template.

    You can use book in this text box to distinguish the message notification from an application notification.

    Description Enter a description of the message that is used internally by AirWatch to describe this template.
    Category Select Application as the message template category.
    Type Select Application Notification as the message template type.
    Select Language Enter a parameter to limit the message delivery to only devices that belong to end users who understand the specified languages.

    Select whether the AirWatch Console uses this message template by default for the CategoryApplication and the TypeApplication Notification. This option enables email, SMS, and push notifications for your template.

    If you do not want to use all types, disable this option and select the ones to use in the Message Type option.

    Message Type If you do not want to use all three types, select the message types (email, SMS, or push) that AirWatch uses for this template.
    Message Body

    Enter the message AirWatch displays on the end-user devices for each message type.

    Use the {ApplicationName} lookup value to populate the application name in each message, automatically.

See List View Option Descriptions for Applications and Configure Manage Devices for an explanation of where you use these notifications.