Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise or later.

Other Requirements

  • On-Premises AirWatch Environment.
  • Server must be a member of the same domain as the AirWatch application server in order to install the Enterprise CA.
  • Service Account with administrative access to the server.

Network Requirements

The AirWatch Console server, VMware Enterprise Systems Connector server (if you are using VMware Enterprise Systems Connector), must be able to communicate to the Microsoft CA over all configured DCOM ports. If using VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector server must comply with the hardware sizing requirements mentioned in the VMware AirWatch Recommended Architecture Guide, which is available by name on the AirWatch Resource Portal. Refer to the guidelines described for the Admin Console server.

  • Port 135: Microsoft DCOM Service Control Manager.
  • Ports 1025 - 5000: Default ports DCOM processes.
  • Ports 49152 - 65535: Dynamic Ports.

This port range can be configured to be any number of non-standard ports depending on your DCOM implementation. However, these ports are utilized by default.