Enable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect sensitive data in applications. DLP options control how and what data transmits back and forth.

See Supported Settings and Policies Options By Component and AirWatch App to find out if your application supports using these settings. Find the matrices in the AirWatch Mobile Application Management Guide.

Data loss prevention is not available for AirWatch Container, but it is available for applications in the AirWatch Container.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Security Policies.
  2. Select Enabled for the specific DLP option.

    Setting Description
    Enable Copy And Paste Allows an application to copy and paste on devices when set to Yes.
    Enable Printing Allows an application to print from devices when set to Yes.

    Enable Camera

    Allows applications to access the device camera when set to Yes.
    Enable Composing Email

    Allows an application to use the native email client to send emails when set to Yes.

    When you disable this option, Apple iOS device users receive a system message that states they do not have an email account. This message is an artifact of the disabled functionality and does not reflect a true issue.

    Enable Data Backup Allows wrapped iOS applications to sync data with a storage service like iCloud when set to Yes.
    Enable Location Services Allows wrapped applications to receive the latitude and longitude of the device when set to Yes.
    Enable Bluetooth Allows applications to access Bluetooth functionality on devices when set to Yes.
    Enable Screenshot Allows applications to access screenshot functionality on devices when set to Yes.
    Enable Watermark

    Displays text in a watermark in documents in the VMware Content Locker when set to Yes.

    Enter the content to display in the Overlay Text text box or use lookup values. You cannot change the design of a watermark from the AirWatch Console.

    Limit Documents to Open Only in Approved Apps Enter options to control the applications used to open resources on devices.
    Allowed Applications List Enter the applications that you allow to open documents.
  3. Save your settings.

For more topics about the SDK and mobile application management, see MAM Functionality With SDK Functions.