There are several default roles already provided by AirWatch from which you may select. These default roles are available with every AirWatch upgrade and help quickly assign roles to new users. If you require further customization, you may create custom roles to tailor the user privileges and permissions further. Unlike default roles, custom roles require manual updates with every AirWatch upgrade.

Each type of role includes inherent advantages and disadvantages. Default Roles save time in configuring a brand new role from scratch, logically suit various administrative privileges, and automatically update alongside new AirWatch features and settings. However, Default Roles may not be a precise fit for your organization or MDM deployment, which is why Custom Roles were created.

Default End-User Roles

Roles are available by default to end users in the AirWatch Console.

  • Full Access Role – Provides full permission to perform all the tasks on the Self-Service Portal.
  • Basic Access Role – Provides all permissions except MDM commands from the Self-Service Portal.

Custom Roles allow you to customize as many unique roles as you require, and to tweak large or small changes across different users and administrators. However, Custom Roles must be manually maintained over time and updated with new features.