When your device connects to Wi-Fi, the device authenticates and automatically installs profiles, apps, policies, and product provisions specific to the OG that you choose.

You can also define rules based on custom attributes. When a device enrolls with an assigned attribute, the rule assigns the device to the configured organization group. The device can also be assigned in the case where the device receives a product provision containing a qualifying custom attribute.

Once you have enabled device assignments, you can move a device by custom attribute rule or you may specify a network range. For more information, see Assign Organization Groups Using Custom Attributes.

Device assignments can only be configured at a child organization group.

  1. Select the link Click here to create a network range or navigate to Groups & Settings > Groups > Organization Groups > Network Ranges.
  2. To add a single Internet protocol (IP) address range, select Add Network Range. In the Add/Edit Network Range page, complete the following settings and then select Save.

    • Start IP Address – Enter the top end of the network range.
    • End IP Address – Enter the bottom end of the network range.
    • Organization Group Name – Enter the OG name to which devices move when the network range is entered. This setting is only visible if the network assignment Type is 'Organization Group By IP Range.'
    • User name – Enter the user name to whom devices register when the network range is entered. This setting is only visible if the network assignment Type is 'User name by IP Range.'
    • Description – Optionally, add a helpful description of the network range.
    • Overlapping network ranges results in the message, "Save Failed, Network Range exists."
  3. If you have several network ranges to add, you can optionally select Batch Import to save time. On the Batch Import page, select the Download template for this batch type link to view and download the bulk import template.

    Complete this template, import it using the Batch Import page, and select Save.