Add the Dell Command | Monitor to the AirWatch Console to enhance management of your Dell enterprise devices. The BIOS profile requires this application before pushing to devices.


You must enabled Software Distribution to push Dell Command | Monitor to your devices.


To add the Dell Command | Monitor:

  1. Navigate to and download the latest version of Dell Command | Monitor.
  2. Open the EXE and select Extract. Save the extracted files into a folder.
  3. Navigate to the folder and find the MSI file.
  4. In the AirWatch Console, add the extracted MSI file as an internal application. Make sure to set the Supported Processor Architecture to 32-bit or 64-bit based on the device OS.

    In the Deployment Options tab, set the Admin Privileges to Yes.

    For more information, see Upload Internal Applications With a Local File.

  5. Add an assignment of the application to your Dell enterprise devices. For more information, see Add an Assignment to an Internal Application.

The application downloads and installs on assigned devices and you can now push BIOS profiles to the device.