Select a device friendly name in the General Info column at any time to open the Details View for that device.

From the Details View, you can resend the enrollment message by selecting the Resend Message button. You can also edit a device registration info by selecting the Edit Registration button and completing the Advanced Device Information section.

The Details View displays a series of tabs, each containing relevant enrollment information about the device.

  • Summary – View the registration date, time elapsed since the device was first seen, basic device and user info.
  • User – View detailed user info.
  • Message – View the outgoing Device Activation email message including credential information and QR code. There is a resource available, called "User Registration Message," that allows the AirWatch administrator to hide the Message tab after the device has successfully enrolled.
  • Custom Attributes – View the Custom Attributes associated with the device. For more information, see Custom Attributes Overview .
  • Tags – View the tags currently associated with the device. For more information, see Tags Overview.
  • Offline Enrollment – If available, this tab allows you to enroll the device while it is offline. This feature is useful for when you want to make the most of scheduled time for a device in an unavailable state (for example, while traveling).