Device Profiles are the primary means by which you can manage devices. They represent the settings that, when combined with compliance policies, help you enforce corporate rules and procedures.

Create profiles for each platform type then configure a payload, which consists of the individual settings you configure for each platform type.

The process for creating a profile consists of first specifying the General settings followed by the Payload settings.

  • The General settings determine how the profile is deployed and who receives it.
  • The Payload for the profile is the actual restriction itself and other settings as applied to the device when the profile is installed.

Add a General Profile

Make a general profile applicable to most platforms. For more information about configuring the general segment, see Add General Profile Settings. For more information about configuring the Payload segment, select from the list of platforms on Profiles.

All Your Profiles

The Device Profiles List View enables you to edit existing profiles, view the devices to which the profile is assigned, copy, deactivate, and delete profiles. For more information, see Device Profiles List View.

Device Profile Editing

You can change an existing profile even after it has been assigned to devices. The extent of your edits determines whether the profile is republished or not. General setting changes can usually be made without republishing the profile while Payload changes always involves republishing.

For information about making specific profile changes, see Edit General Device Profile Settings and Edit Payload Device Profile Settings.

View Device Assignment

Get a preview of which devices your saved profile is scheduled to be assigned with the View Device Assignment screen. For more information, see View Device Assignment.

Compliance Profiles

Compliance Profiles combine the utility and automation of compliance policies with the vast device settings found in device profiles. For more information, see Add a Compliance Profile.

Bounded by Time and Space

Geofences and Time Schedules help you determine where and when devices in your fleet may interact with corporate content. For more information, see Geofences and Time Schedules.