Before you can distribute internal applications to Windows Phone devices, you must create, register, and gain approval from the Windows Phone Dev Center.

See the Windows Dev Center for current documentation on how to develop applications for Windows Phone and for prices to join the development center.

  1. Register a Microsoft account for your company with the Windows Phone Dev Center.

    There is a small fee to join, and the subscription enables your company to add applications to the Windows Phone Store. Registration creates a Windows account ID that you must use to obtain a Symantec authentication certificate. For more information about a Microsoft account, visit the Microsoft Developer Network site.

  2. Obtain a Symantec Enterprise Mobile Code Signing Certificate for the internal application.

    Obtain an Enterprise Mobile Code Signing Certificate from Symantec with the Windows account ID. Use the certificate to sign and verify that your company built the application. Also, use the certificate to generate the application enrollment token (AET) used by each device to obtain a copy of the application.

  3. Build and digitally sign the internal application.

    Develop and test the corporate application. When the application is ready for distribution, digitally sign the application by following the Precompile and Signature steps outlined in the Windows Phone Dev Center instructions.

  4. Generate an AET for the internal application.

    Generate an AET that devices use to authenticate before installing the internal application. You can upload the AET to the AirWatch Console. This action automatically enables corporate devices to install the internal application. Generate an AET by following the AET generation walkthrough outlined by the Windows Phone Dev Center.

See Enable AirWatch for Windows Phone Application Distribution for information on enabling AirWatch to distribute applications to Windows Phone.