Email Notification Service (ENS) provides real time notifications to AirWatch Inbox and VMware Boxer on the users' devices. In order to start using this functionality, first, download the ENS installer from the AirWatch Console. Once downloaded, install it as an on-premise component on the same domain as the Exchange server.


To download the Email Notification Service:


a. The CNS certificate can be obtained on the AW Resource Portal (

b. At present, for the CNS hosted by AirWatch, the CNS URL is

  1. Navigate to Groups and Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > REST API. Select Enabled to Enable the API Access.
  2. For SSL Pinning:
    1. If the AirWatch Console is hosted on SaaS and if the CNS certificate is present (*, then no further action is required. Go to step 5. If the certificate is not present, please contact an AirWatch representative for assistance in uploading the CNS certificate.
    2. If the AirWatch Console is deployed on premises, then you need to upload the CNS certificate.
      1. Navigate to System > Security > SSL Pinning.
      1. Select ADD HOST. In the Add Pinned Host window, enter the host as Do not select the Required check box. Select Save.


      2. Select Upload to upload the CNS certificate once the host record is created.


  1. Install Secure Channel certificate on the CNS server.
    1. If the AirWatch Console is hosted on SaaS, skip this step.
    2. If the AirWatch Console is on premises, navigate to System >Advanced > Secure Channel Certificate and select Download CNS Secure Channel Certificate Installer. Next, request the AirWatch Support Team to install the certificate on the CNS server.
  1. Navigate to System > Advanced > Site URLs and verify that the Cloud Notification Service URL is
  1. Navigate to Email > Email Settings > Email Notification.
    1. Select Yes to enable Email Notification.
    2. Select Save. This step is required to gain access to the ENS installer.


  2. Select the Download Email Notification Installer link that appears on the page.


  3. In the Download Email Notification Installer window, create a password for the ENS certificate, and then select Download. The installer downloads to your local computer.


Under the Advanced tab, select the User Attribute from the drop-down menu that contains the email address value.

You can also view the generated certificates and the API key under the Advanced tab.

If necessary, you can generate a new certificate or a key using the Regenerate Certificates or the Regenerate API Key.

You must download and install the installer again after regenerating the certificate or key.