The enrollment process secures a connection between Android for Work devices and your AirWatch environment. The AirWatch Agent facilitates enrollment and allows for real-time management and access to relevant device information.


Note: Android for Work Accounts and Google Account users will follow the Work Profile enrollment method.

Use the following instructions to install the AirWatch Agent and authenticate users based on the enrollment flow:

  1. Navigate to from your browser. You can also send the enrollment URL to devices using SMS text message.

    AirWatch automatically detects if the AirWatch Agent is installed on your device and, if it is not, redirects you to the Google Play Store to download it. A Google ID is required to download the AirWatch Agent from the Google Play store.

  2. Download and install the AirWatch Agent from the Google Play Store.
  3. Launch the AirWatch Agent or return to your browser session to continue enrollment.

    • If you have configured email autodiscovery, then the Agent prompts you for your email address. In addition, you may be prompted to select your Group ID from a list.
    • If you have not configured email autodiscovery, then it will prompt you for the Enrollment URL and a Group ID.
  4. Tap Server Details and enter your Server and Group ID.

  5. Enter Username and Password and tap Continue.
  6. Accept the Terms of Use.
  1. Tap the Encrypt button and follow the remaining prompts to accepts the settings. The AirWatch Agent will close after accepting the encryption settings. Tap the Encryption Complete notification to return to the AirWatch Agent to continue enrollment.

    encrypt process


    The option to encrypt the device depends on the version of Android the device is running. Devices running Android Marshmallow are encrypted by default, so this option will not display during enrollment.

  2. Tap Set Up to configure the Work Profile that will be associated with the device.
  3. Tap OK on the Privacy Policy. Depending on how users are being created, the remaining screens for enrollment will vary.

    The enterprise settings from the AirWatch Console will be pushed to the device. This ends enrolling devices for Android for Work Accounts users.

  4. For Google Accounts only, tap Get Started to create the Work Profile and connect the Managed Google Account to the device. These steps differ based on authentication method:

    To proceed with User-defined enrollment:

    1. Create the Password with your user credentials and tap Next.
    2. Enter the Managed Google Account Password and tap Next.

    To continue with Directory Service Sync:

    1. Enter your Password and tap Next.

    2. Select Continue.

    3. Select Exit.

    To follow the SAML enrollment flow:

    1. Enter the User Name and Password and tap Login. The user will be redirected to the AirWatch Agent.

If successful, the Work Profile is configured for the device and displays the AirWatch Agent settings page. The device is ready for use according to Android for Work settings for the Work Profile.

The AirWatch Console reports the status of Android for Work on the users devices. You can check the Details View page to verify that Android for Work was successfully created.

Navigate to Devices > Details View > Summary and view the Security section of the page to view the status. The should be a green check to verify Android for Work activation.