Download the AirWatch Agent onto a device and configure the AirWatch Agent for use on a base operating system image for deployment. This enrollment flow allows you to ship devices to users with the Agent preinstalled, only requiring end users to enter their user credentials.

To begin the enrollment process on the behalf of the end user:

  1. Navigate to The agent downloads immediately.
  2. Run the Agent installer ( AirWatchAgent.msi) and, if prompted, accept any security warnings.
  3. Click Run to begin the AirWatch Agent installation wizard.
  4. After installation and the AirWatch Agent starts, select the Settings icon ( Win32_Agent_ProxyIcon).
  5. Select the operating system the image uses.

    If you are enrolling a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 device using the AirWatch Agent for Windows, you must select This is for Windows 7 Image. If you select This is for Windows 8.1/10, the device must be enrolled using MDM enrollment.

  6. Enter the Server URL and Group ID.
  7. Select Save.

The AirWatch Agent is now installed into the system image and starts on any imaged device so end users can enter their credentials.