Each Android device in your deployment must be enrolled before it can communicate with AirWatch and access internal content and features. Enrollment is facilitated with the AirWatch Agent for Android. You can enroll devices using a web-based process that automatically detects if the AirWatch Agent is already installed. Additionally, you can pre-enroll devices for end users, or end users can enroll their own devices.


 Certain Android OEM vendors offer features and capabilities that you can enable in the AirWatch Console. See Download an OEM Service App

Android devices must begin communicating with AirWatch to access internal content and features, which is facilitated using the AirWatch Agent. Available for download from the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store, the AirWatch Agent provides a single resource to enroll a device as well as provide device and connection details. Additionally, agent-based enrollment allows you to:

  • Authenticate users using basic or directory services, such as AD/LDAP/Domino, SAML, tokens or proxies.
  • Register devices in bulk or allow users to self-register.
  • Define approved OS versions, models and maximum number of devices per user.

Looking for Android for Work?, see the VMware Integration with Android for Work Guide. please see Android for Work Enrollment .

Requirements for Enrollment

Autodiscovery is a simplified approach that leverages information end users likely already know for enrollment purposes. For more information, see Email Autodiscovery (Android).

Enrollment Restrictions

You can create enrollment restrictions based on Android manufacturer and model to ensure only approved devices are allowed to enroll with AirWatch. For more information, please see Enrollment Restrictions.

Android Device Enrollment with the AirWatch Agent

The AirWatch Agent application facilitates enrollment and allows for real-time management and access to relevant device information. The enrollment process secures a connection between Android devices and your AirWatch environment. For more information, see Android Device Enrollment with the AirWatch Agent.

AirWatch Agent Sideloading to Android Devices

Sideloading allows you to deploy the AirWatch Agent to Android devices without using the Google Play Store. For more information, see AirWatch Agent Sideloading to Android Devices.

Platform OEM Service

The Platform OEM Service is an additional app that allows AirWatch to provide extended management capabilities to any Android device. For more information, see Platform OEM Service Overview.