Enroll devices using a PC to install the AirWatch Agent onto a Windows Rugged device and enroll the device into AirWatch. This enrollment method is a legacy method.

Consider using Product Provisioning to stage devices with sideload staging. For more information on sideloading through product provisioning and staging, see Staging Overview.

Use the following steps to sideload the AirWatch Agent.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Windows > Windows Rugged > Agent Settings in the AirWatch Console.
  2. In the Sideloading CAB section, select the Request Enrollment Cab check box.
  3. Select the Platform:
    • Windows Mobile
    • Windows CE
    • Windows CE x86
  4. Enter the Enrollment User ID.
  5. Enter Enrollment User Password.
  6. Select Download to install the AirWatch Agent on a computer.

    Sideloading the agent requires CAB Creation Templates for the agent version to build on the server.

  1. Connect the Windows Rugged device to the computer using a USB connection and copy the AirWatch Agent CAB file from the computer to the device.
  2. Ensure that the device is connected to the WLAN.
  3. Double-tap the AirWatch Agent on the device to complete enrollment.