Simplify enrollment for end users by staging your Windows Desktop devices using the Windows Command Line. This enrollment method enrolls the device and downloads device-level profiles base on the user credentials entered.


Do not change the name of the AirWatchAgent.msi file as this breaks the staging command.

To enroll through command line staging:

  1. Download the VMware AirWatch Windows 10 Agent UWP from AirWatch Resources.

    Only download the AirWatch Agent. Do not start the executable or select Run as that initiates a standard enrollment process and defeats the purpose of silent enrollment.

    If necessary, move the AirWatch Agent from the download folder to a local or network drive folder.

  2. Open a command line or create a BAT file and enter all the necessary paths, parameters, and values using information shown in Silent Enrollment Parameters and Values.

  3. Run the command. For examples of syntax, see Examples of Silent Enrollment

After the command runs, the device enrolls into AirWatch. If the device is domain-joined, the AirWatch Agent updates the AirWatch Console device registry with the correct user. If you are using the bulk serial number import, the AirWatch Agent updates the AirWatch Console device registry and connects the user credentials to the serial number of the device.